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My Natural Hair Rules

4 Dec


These are the ‘hair rules’ which I’ve adopted since becoming natural. I don’t follow them all religiously, but I try! It really works for me and I hope some of you can find it of some use as well:

Avoid relaxer

Relaxers irreversibly change the structure of your hair. Over the past 10 years I have relaxed my hair a few times with decent breaks in between. When I became a ‘weave-wearer’ I would normally relax the front bit of my hair more often, so that it blends in better with my extensions…big mistake. At the end my front got ridiculously short and hair had no elasticity what so ever and would normally just stick up like small antennas, the rest of my hair became very thin and lifeless. After having my ‘big chop’ I actually realized that I have no idea what my natural hair texture is. I got so excited when I saw first new-growth; it was soft, curly and strong. It became obvious that avoiding relaxers would be a major step towards achieving healthier fuller looking hair.

Big Chop

Going from long lashes weave or even shoulder length hair to a TWA is a very drastic change and is not for everyone. If not for my ‘makeover’ I doubt I would have ever cut my hair that short. Getting rude of most of my hair was shocking and a bit depressing, but at the same time liberating and new. I didn’t go 100% through with the chop, because the front of my hair was still relaxed and there was hardly any new growth when the back of it was natural and I loved the curly texture I’ve had. So I decided to give it time and just grow it out. Now my front is almost fully natural and I can’t wait to try some new styles that I couldn’t do because of my hair being flat and bone straight.

Avoid Heat

In the model house there were stylists who would style my hair from day to day, but after the competition I found myself struggling. My hair was short and natural (especially at the back) so it wouldn’t stay down no matter how often I would straighten it. Not for ANY moment did I consider to wear my hair in its curly state. When looking for styling tips on YouTube I came across this ‘natural community’ vloggers and saw on real life examples how low/no heat styling improves the growth and quality of the hair. I do straighten my hair once a month or less, just to see the length and have a break from wash and go’s. Now my hair is healthy, my ends are happy and I am not scared of the rain or going to the pool whenever I wish to do so. I also think that my curls make me a bit more unique and I don’t feel myself without them anymore.

Low maintenance hairstyles

Before my hair was cut I didn’t experiment much with my hair, it wasn’t long and lushes so I saw no point. Normally you would see me with a pony-tale or a bun (creative!). I really wanted to achieve the smooth slick look so I would tie my hair very tight, as a result of constant pulling hair in the middle of my head broke off and got extremely short. Nowadays I do a lot of wash and goes, twist outs, etc. and it looks like my hair is loving it.

Natural hair products

I try to use mostly natural hair products because I see great results in a short period of time. Some of my favorite products are Black Jamaican Castor oil, and other natural oils like almond oil, olive oil, argon oil etc. I wash my hair once a week or so with sulphates-free shampoo and use shampoos with sulphates once a month to give a good cleanse to my scalp and hair. I also try to seal my ends every other day after washing and applying a leave in conditioner. That insures that the moisture is locked in which keeps my curls moisturized and prevents the breakage.

Healthy diet and Supplements

No product or hair technique will contribute to the health and length of your tresses as a balanced diet ever will. Drinking plenty of water will bring shine and moisture to your hair. Foods like salmon, eggs, walnuts, Greek yogurt, and spinach all carry vital vitamins which promote the health of your hair. I also take supplements for hair, skin and nails to insure that my locks receive the nutrition which I don’t get in my daily diet (from Holland&Barrett).