Hair Journal #1

8 Oct



Hair Inspirations #1

28 Sep


18 Sep

How it all began:

So this was the beginning of my natural hair journey even though I didn’t know it at the time. My hair was chopped off during the make-over episode of Britain and Irelands Next Top Model 8 and I was devastated.

When entering the show I obviously knew that someone’s hair will be snapped short, but believe me in no way did I see it coming. Girls in the house kept on repeating that the judges will cut my hair, but I thought they had no idea what they were talking about.

On the day Tyson (Beckford) said ‘no worries, no major changes. You will look like a famous actress’…than he showed me a picture of Halley Berry, my heart sunk.

my natural hair before the make over

I thought judges might change their mind once they’ve seen all the hair that I’ve had underneath that weave, but they just decided to go through with it anyway. It also didn’t help when Julian said that its like I have my mother’s hair cut.

It knocked my confidence a bit, just because it was such a drastic change and I just didn’t feel as pretty. It was different and I had difficulty (to say the least) styling it. Here I am – exposed on TV infront of millions of viewers

Grace Jones???

I kind of learned to love it but I just hated the facts that everyone kept on saying Rihanna more than Risikat. ( I also hated when they called me Pussycat, but that’s a different story) .

I did regret coming in to the competition with weave on. The only reason why I wore extensions in the first place was because I thought it will increase my chances of making it through to the house and give me a more modelesque look, if only I knew how wrong I was at the time!

So in some way I see the haircut as a punishment for not appreciating my hair enough and not taking pride at what God provided me with.

Only when it was gone I realised that I’ve had (and still have just not as much of it) beautiful hair and that I should imbrace it and love it just as much as I loved Brazilian hair extensions (if not more).

From now on no more relaxers, wigs, hair extensions, hair burning and etc. I think this is the first time that I feel so free and so comfortable with who I am and I am not talking just about the hair here. For some reason once I’ve accepted the way is my hair is, I’ve also accepted other things about my looks and my charachter.

It’s a wonderfull feeling that I think every women should experience. So if you are looking for some hair inspirations or curiouse about going natural I hope my blog will of some help

Rissikat xxx